After a few weeks of deciding what our first episode of the new series will be called, we decided to cover all things food-related as the lead in episode.

‘Culinary Delights’ aims to take a look at what we expect from eating in 2016, our eating habits as humans and funny little quirks that interest and annoy us, as usual we’d love to hear from anyone who has listened to our previous audio discussions (not Podcasts, as we haven’t figured out how to release them this way yet) or even our future output – we’ll credit anyone breaking down the ‘fourth wall’. If you’ve got anything to add about any topics we’ve covered then we’ll happily add it.

We hope to air Culinary Delights in the first week of November and again, there’ll be a 6 episode run and probably a Christmas special to round the year off. Both Michael and Forbes hope you can tune in and get involved.