Some of you who have had a listen to our latest ‘in between’ episode of TGTS probably noticed that new to this episode was an intro theme, we got various requests to add an audio opening rather than the silent ‘Extras’ style silent opener we went with on series 1. Points were raised that when listening to the episode, it was very unclear as to when the episode would start without visual inspection – not ideal in most cases and causing listeners to be startled although we didn’t start our audio discussion straight away.

We decided to add themes to the episodes and toy around with what we can and cannot get away with – keeping the themes down in duration and obviously our offerings being free of charge means we can use most media without infringing on copyright due to MICFilms being non-profit.

We decided to make this episode have a comical opener based on what Mike and Forbes talk about later in the episode, series 2 will have one theme across all six episodes. It took plenty of behind the scenes work to even get a 20 or so second theme working as the credits, but worth it!