We’ve been busy working a few more changes in the world of the Two Grumpy Retro Gamers, we took a couple of weeks off after filming episode 22 and 23 back to back which we found were pretty decent and solid episodes, although with this, we found that when we returned to film episodes 24 and 25 together, the quality has some what dropped and isn’t really what we expected – regardless of this, we decided we will throw Micro Machines 64 out there as it isn’t really a big title for us to cover and the camera, although focussing in and out constantly, is still a factual episode that can be listened to and watched just about.


We are considering re-filming episode 25 as we decided to upgrade the television we use on set to a far larger unit, sure the older TV was placed well between the two presenters but it was rather difficult to see various dark games that we were playing, the advantage of the smaller unit was the games play in a far smoother presentation much in the same way a CRT would perform. The new TV covers 42″ and does allow for a much improved viewing experience for the viewers and either a re-film of episode 25 or new for episode 26 will allow us to see fully any improvements offered here, especially to the camera handling.

We do apologise for the Micro Machines episode which will be released during the week though!